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We will offer you professionalism, experience and expertise combined with the best property investment options.


Making Financial Decisions that Matters

Are you not sure about the financial decisions that you are about to make or have already made? Are you not satisfied with your current state of financial affairs? Are you afraid that your financial future seems bleak? We can help you get total control over your floundering financial life!

It doesn’t matter if you are a millionaire or an individual who lives hand-to-mouth, financial planning is integral for everyone who wants to meet their financial goals and wants to achieve their dreams. We, at PHIPPs, provide financial planning and accounting help, assistance and advice so that your life becomes easy. From advice on secure estate planning to guidance on mortgage and retirement plans and from assistance on inheritance tax to help on equity release schemes, we do whatever it takes to hand you back the steering wheel of your financial life! 

Want to enjoy a well-planned financial life? Want to bid adieu to financial mismanagement? It’s all just one phone call away! Call us NOW!

What we have to offer


Highly Personalized Solutions

We can proudly say that we stand out amongst financial advisors and accountants on the basis of the personalized solutions that we deliver to our clients. While most financial advisory institutes would promise you the world, they would send you packing with a generalized plan that hardly takes into account your financial ground realities. 


Independent and Unbiased Advice 

No financial institute or company dictates our policies or solutions and we are not the mouthpiece of any financial firm. You can always expect us to deliver independent, unbiased and totally impartial advice with the improvement of your financial life the sole goal.


FREE & Non-Obligatory Consultation

We offer a free, non-obligatory consultation with one of our most experienced financial advisors so that you can be assured that you are dealing with an intelligent organization which is serious about strategically planning your financial life!


Solutions for One and All

It doesn’t matter to us if you are a moderate earning individual or command a six figure salary a month, what matters to us is to provide you with independent, impartial and personalized advice on the topics you want.  

Do You Need a Financial Advisor?

Many people wonder as to whether they earn enough to need the help of financial advisors in keeping their financial life on track. The general perception is that if you aren’t a millionaire then financial advice would be of no use. That’s hardly the case. Financial advice can help any individual who pockets a stable salary. Proper financial planning and advice can:

Introduce you to excellent investment opportunities

Cut down on the taxes you pay

Enhance your savings

Improve the quality of your life after retirement

Ensure proper distribution of wealth amongst dependents after death

Increase understanding of insurance needs and requirements

With so many benefits of working with a financial advisor, there is no reason why you shouldn’t try taking financial advice! And what better time to get started then RIGHT NOW? Call us now to get the most sound, the most accurate and the most detailed financial help and assistance possible! Our team of experienced financial experts would take into account all the realities of your life and the overall circumstances in which you spend your life before chalking out financial solutions that can deliver results!

Happy Client

Please use the form below to contact us if you need additional information on any of the investment options offered by us.

After our first meeting it took us about 2 weeks before we decided on the options that we wanted to invest in. We are very pleased with our choice of investment. Without your help, advice and guidance, we would have never known which option would best suit our needs.
Herman B. Wyatt

Happy Client

Please use the form below to contact us if you need additional information on any of the investment options offered by us.

Out of the investments that we made in the past year to secure a financially stable retirements, I must tell you that the investment that we made through your services has been one of the best and promises to give us the best returns. Thank you!
Jane J. Dupree